Thermalite company produces with the latest Italian technology by a wide range of decorative insulation panels


The trade name of these products is Styrodekor (Decorative Systems). Styrodekor are component elements of the facade and are used simultaneously for decoration and thermal insulation. These decorative thermal insulating panels make it possible to create different styles for facades of buildings, according to customer preferences.

For Styrodekor production, are used polystyrene with special mechanical properties is used, which is coated with a layer of material specially used for the production of these profiles. Styrodekor do not only offer an architectural style according to the preferences of each customer, but also realize thermal insulation, as they are produced with thermal insulation materials.

Styrodekor creates a great opportunities for decoration, renovation of new and existing facades of buildings in a very short time. Also, these decorative panels make possible the realization of any style for the architecture of each building, turning the building into an object with many artistic values. These products are mounted directly on the facade without any additional materials


Saving up to 50% of energy consumption

This panels make possible to save up to 50% of energy consumption, the same amount achieved by the Capotto System

Low cost of application

The works cost (materials, time and labor cost) is low compared to the cost of applying Capotto System

Easily applicable

Styrodekor panels applied directly to the wall without the need for other auxiliary materials. This enables a simple and short-time application

Best price

Styrodekor panels offer the best price in the market compared to other materials

Economic benefits

Styrodekor panels have a lower cost compared to other decorative systems, made by stone or concrete


The panels are produced with a special coating, so it makes them resistant to atmospheric factors

No waste

Styrodekor panels are ready for assembly and do not create waste in the appliance


Application of Styrodekor panels makes possible the realization of all possible decorative styles according to the preferences

Increase the value of the building

The application of the Styrodekor panels increases the value of the building on sale, as it dramatically increases its aesthetic appearance

Application in new and existing buildings

The ease of application makes it possible to apply in any type of building, both in new buildings as well as existing ones


DES 13

Window balustrade

DES 14

balustrade window

DEN 170

Decorative frames

DEN 171

Decorative frames

DEN 172

Decorative frames

DEN 173

Decorative frames

DEN 174

Decorative frames

DEN 175

Decorative frames

Form 17

EPS- F Wooden imitations

AKS 54-1

EPS accessories

AKS 54-2

EPS accessories

AKS 54-3

EPS accessories

AKS 25

EPS accessories

AKS 26

EPS accessories

AKS 27

EPS accessories

AKS 29

EPS accessories

AKS 30

EPS accessories